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为从中国“抢走”公司,成为制造业中心,莫迪政府公布一项1.2万亿美元的总体计划,名为PM Gati Shakti,印地语意为“速度的力量”。但该计划能与中国竞争还是将以失败告终? 三哥可是要成为“一个伟大榜样”的男人。



最近“意气风发”的印度,为从中国“抢走”公司,成为制造业中心,莫迪政府公布一项1.2万亿美元的总体计划,名为PN Ga u shakt,印地语意为“速度的力量”。但该计划能与中国竞争还是将以失败告终?三哥可是要成为“一个伟大榜样”的男人。

charlie pearce

From Australia It’s now time for India to shine □□ Aussies stand with Indin 100 %!



Tom Halbouty

India hopefully will positively manage its relationships with the EU and the US. If done properly, it islikely that Ind in will see many additional western Companies build significant capability in India. You have a well educated, younger wor kforce and a democracy with checks and balances unlike Russin and China, India’s current relationship with Russin could po tentially impact the speed that global Corporations move capa bility into Indin.



Sumeet Yadav

I hope it’s just not another announcement! Coordinating among i6 ministries has always been an Achilles heel of Indin sin

ce forever! Bureaucracy Yeah!




As an American who is pro freedom and democracy and very concerned about growing Chinese aggression I would love nothing

more than to see China lose all its factories to Indin who is more aligned with our values Go Indin



红火树 RedFreTree

India never lack fantastic plans (read it as dreams), what they lack is how accomplish all these fantastic plans, for Ind in, once they put out a plan, for them it is done already, then in a few years, they just put out more plans and this cycl e goes around and around



Li Ren Zeng

The leadership plays an important role. Today Indin has a leader who can lead the country forward. In the past, most peop le see Indin Prime Minister and politics as a joke, because nothing gets done properly . Today, it is not the same largely because of Modi.



Rohan choudhury

India needs to implement GatiShakti as soon as possible ..Once these blockages gets cleared India will surely be the mos tattractive investment destination for the entire world.. But, Indin should first try to create the ecosystem of Chin a in processing, infrastructure, investment system & ganting all sorts of supports induding a good logistics Thail and, Phillipines & Vietnam arevery small nations in labour market with smaller country size so we shouldn’t taket hem as our competitors…Only possible competitor in this sector is Indonesia coz of its arge country size with a good I abour base & good education system…

印度应该尽快实施Gau Shakt计划。一旦这些障碍被清除,印度肯定会成为全世界最具吸引力的投资目的地。但是,印度应



drone pro

Difference is china have no caste system. It go by merits. India is still bounded by this feudal caste system deeply ing

rained in indian minds. Just look at universities, industries and civil servantorgnnisation




I think India cannot easily replace China primarily because India is a democratic country. Anything bad will not be censo

red and will be brought up into the open. The last thing these investors want is a bad publicity. Most companies allocate

about 30% of budget towards environmental policy compliance. They hardly implement those in China but it will be very expe

nsive in India.



who cares

Its cant Foreign NGOs can fund protest easily. remember the Farmers protest? That kind of massive protest is neverp

ossible in China




$1.25 trillion in & years, ie $150 billion a year in a paper or PPT, but China has spent $3.5 trillion 1 year along in

reality in 2021, not on paper! that’s 23 more times than that of the claimed infrastructure expense of the Great India! Y

ou called it a competition ?You giys have indulged yourself with no limit! (Bloomberg Economis estimated China’s infrastr ucture spending came to 23 tillion yuan (US$34 trllion) in 2021 alone), Stop day dreaming trying to compete with Bang ladesh first, that’s more realistic! Even Bangladesh has a higher GDP per capita now!



Pranjal Pandey

India is not going to take forever to spend those 1.2 trillion. 13 years ago China was in the same position, but eventua

lly you guys started getting returns from your investments in infrastructure and today you are capable enough spend 3.4 tr

illion in a year. This is how it works and this is where India is headed to . A true warrior never belittles a new comer,

you never know what he may grow into some day



Turban Bose Gaming

Dear chinies friend so, you compare Bangladesh with India Country who ask financial assistance from World bank and imft his year ha ha nice joke Country who doesn’t have single metro rail system in Country compare to India (in India there is metro railway system in 15 citys already)-while in Indin 90% railway are electrificd in case of Bangladesh its probably r oughly 1-2%.. beside India is 3rd largest steel producer in world, 2nd largest cement producer in world ,5th largest car producer in world…. Bangladesh not in top 20 unfortunately..




Deus Machinima

Bangladesh’s growth is slower than that of indin, India’s gdp per capita is 2750$ higher than Bangladesh Where are you g etting these numbers from? India is already becoming the and largest market in construction sector after china and will ex perience exponential growth by leaps and bounds as it surpasses Germany and japan like china did.



The Omnist Hour

Until Asia grapples with it’s elitist pscudo-religions of control, manipulation, and smoke screens of self-centered selfl

cssness, it can only become a flash in the pan that becomes another Japan under the assault of the more open minded thinki ng of the western tradition begun in England and continued in the USA, despite the pop cultural Marxist assault of the las tiooyears. India has an opportunity to break the karmic cycle, but whether it can do so remains to be seen. As long as o id karma is shoved under the rug and not healthily processed and integrated, Asia will keep shooting itself in the foot



Your Avcrage YouTube Commenter

Goveruments always spending taxpayers’ moncy on uscless projects



Shinchan Ron

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Nirmala Tai is Looting the Conntry with AlI A

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who carts

FHabahabal know people like you are so mamy to

fndia. This is why i krep saying II uill be so

hard fot india to be like Citina besame there ar e people Iede incha to prutest against anythe ng. Whach is not poseable in CTHina




Sherman Peabody

dae to its ricing labor costs. Bat the bey pro

blem for Inda is not China, bat Victham and In donezia. Maufacturers leaving Chint are goingt o Vietnam and Indouesa. India has lo coqpsle a gaind Vietnam and Indoncsa to cotvince manuf mrers to etup operation in India.




Cool Sparke

L2 tnillion USD??? That’s aboul 40% of India total GDP. Be realistic bro. No such thing lndis is already very poorat USD ST GDPfor 14bill iou people. Many of its people are starving and Evv in borible [iving conditions And you want to bke amay 40% ofits resoaroes to baild hd cies. Domu, that’s complelely delnsonal



The Wok

Youre lunda wrong Pncly is voy low in lefia